How 3M Window Film Can Improve Your Life

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Film and Tinting

3M created window film 50 years ago. Their 3M window film can help you keep excess sunlight from bringing your home, car or commercial building to a boiling temperature. The film can also be used to protect laptops, cell phones, TVs, and another tech from sunlight and UV damage.

Drive Cooler and Protect Your Skin

If you sit in rush hour traffic, you are getting some of the hottest sunlight of the day. It’s also no fun sitting inside a car with the sun beating down on you. 3M window film increases your privacy, prevents faded upholstery and protects you against heat and UV rays.

Help Maintain a Comfortable Environment for Tenants

If you own a commercial building, your tenants expect a comfortable environment. When sunlight makes offices too hot, it raises temperatures and energy costs. Using 3M window films can protect windows from accidents, break and entry and flying glass fragments. They may even help upgrade your glass to meet modern building codes.

Come Home to Comfortable Temperatures During Warm Weather

Make your home cooler with 3M window film. In addition to using less electricity to cool your home, you can prevent faded window trimming and furniture, increase your privacy and make your windows more secure. The window film is designed to reduce the impact of the sun to make your home more comfortable.

There are endless applications for 3M window films. They protect you from excess sunlight when you are driving, block harmful UV damage to your tablet and phone, and make entire homes and building more comfortable and energy-efficient. In today’s environment of rising temperatures, that’s like having money in the bank.

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