Hotels in Long Beach that Reflect the Vibe of Long Beach

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Travel

No matter why you are traveling to Long Beach you need to choose the hotel that is uniquely Long Beach. Not every hotel in the area offers the design and décor that gives you the vibe that is unique to this area. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure or a little bit of both, the right accommodations will make the trip worthwhile.

What Vibe?

Long Beach is a well-known Oceanside town that is rife with artists, culture and a very committed conservation effort. Staying in a hotel that does not expand on those features really does a disservice to your experience. There is a hotel that is committed to the environment so much so that they use only energy efficient appliances, renewable resources in their design elements like bamboo flooring and recycled plastic rugs. This hotel practices ecofriendly commerce by using drought resistant native plantings in their landscaping and has a mandatory recycling program for their staff. They use a compost bin and take other steps to further the preservation of the environment. They take all the steps necessary to provide a beautiful environment while taking care of the environment which is exactly what Long Beach is all about.

The Décor

Eco-friendly does not mean rough and rustic it can mean vibrant and visually stunning. This lifestyle hotel uses visually stunning furnishings and hand painted art to home in on one of the favorite features of Long Beach, its artistic side. You can choose:

  • From 99 varieties of rooms to best meet your specific needs and lifestyle
  • Enjoy the most wanted amenities
  • Immerse yourself in the Long Beach vibe by simply opening the door to your accommodations

The Hotel Current offers the accommodations that reflect the culture of Long Beach!

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