Hobby Farmers, Ranchers and Pet Owners Can All Find What They Need at the Pet store in El Dorado Hills, CA

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Convenience Stores

Pet stores do not only provide quality food and supplies for companion pets. They are also a wonderful resource for livestock owners. Many people operate small, backyard farms today as hobbies and to supplement their income. They require feed, fencing and other supplies to be affordable and readily available. Unlike large farming operations many lack the space to store large shipments and may also lack the funds to purchase in bulk even if storage is available. Having a local supplier that understands their needs increases their ability to run a profitable enterprise and care for their animals as needed.

The biggest benefit of ordering these types of supplies from a pet store in El Dorado Hills CA is the personal service. Consumers have knowledgeable staff members available to answer any questions and make recommendations. A small business will offer the same quality items as larger suppliers and personally guarantee the quality of everything they sell. The large and varied inventory makes it easy for shoppers to find everything their pets and livestock need in one location. If a specific item is not available it is simple to request it and the staff will do everything possible to fulfill that request.

Shoppers may not expect a family-owned Pet store in El Dorado Hills CA to have things like troughs, waterers and quality feed options in their inventory. Luckily, they offer this and much more. There are supplements and health supplies for many different species. Everything is available whether someone needs corrals, stall mats or hay for large livestock or a chew toy, some treats and a matching collar and leash for a pampered pup. There are even supplies for more exotic creatures like llamas and lizards.

Many of the items are available online and at the retail location. Numerous promotions and coupons make it easy to save money, and signing up for the mailing list makes certain that everyone receives both. The website also offers helpful tips for raising chickens, installing an electric fence and many other projects. Contact Us with any questions, to see if a specific item is available or to learn more about the company.

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