Hire Smart: Questions on How to Choose an AC Repair Service

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Air conditioning, Heating and Air Conditioning, HVAC Contractor

Hiring an air conditioning repair service in Costa Mesa can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few helpful questions for hiring smart:

Are they qualified?

Hire contractors from companies like Home Comfort USA. With a team of trained and licensed experts, you won’t have to worry about picking an amateur to solve your AC problems.

How much experience do they have?

Aside from training and licensing, are you hiring experienced technicians to get the job done? You’ll want to make sure you aren’t taking on someone who’s on their first day on the job. That’s going to make for less than stellar results.

Are they insured?

This is one of the most important questions you’ll want to ask before you sign a contract with an air conditioning repair service in Costa Mesa. Accidents can happen during the course of the repairs. It’s smart and practical to confirm, first off, that your technician has liability insurance just in case something goes wrong, says The Hamilton Spectator. That way, you won’t have to cover the cost of any medical bills.

What kind of systems do they work with?

There’s are slews of AC systems and products out there. It’s going to be impossible to be familiar with all these systems. You’ll want to ask the technician first if they’re familiar or if they’ve already worked with systems or products similar to yours. If they haven’t, then it might be better to look for a team that has the necessary experience. The last thing you want is to risk hiring someone who might end up just dealing extensive damage to your unit simply because they don’t know how the system works in the first place.

Ask these questions and you’ll have an easier time deciding whether you’ve found the right AC repair team or not.

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