Get Started on a Career in Bodywork with Ayurveda Training in India

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Massage

If you would like to begin a career working with people to improve their health, you may be interested in learning the practice of Ayurveda. This is an ancient practice of treatments that have been practiced in India for many years which uses a variety of alternative health therapies. By doing your Ayurveda training in India, you are able to learn firsthand from individuals who have been practicing these techniques throughout their lives.

Aithein Healing is an Ayurveda training school in India that offers a unique opportunity to learn this type of work. This organization has been teaching the art of healing others since 2005. They teach their students to use a combination of both western and eastern health practices to help others heal all aspects of themselves. Some of these practices include yoga, massage and various types of bodywork.

Ayurveda training at Aithein teaches that all parts of a person must be in balance for them to be and remain healthy. This includes the mind, body and spirit. Many students who have taken classes and workshops at Aithein Healing have described the experience as being a transformation in their lives that has affected them deeply. Being able to go back to their lives and continue to learn, while helping to improve the lives of others has given the former students a career which provides a deep level of satisfaction.

Those who are already experienced in certain aspects of bodywork, such as yoga or massage can improve and expand those skills while learning more in an inspiring and beautiful location. The Aithen Healing school is located just outside of Goa, Panaji on Agonda Beach. This long stretch of white sand frames the calm blue water of the sea. This area is purposefully kept quiet and uncrowded, unlike the city of Goa, to help calm the mind and allow for a serene learning environment. The weather is warm and inviting all year and there are accommodations to suit any need. English is spoken freely, so there is no problem when communicating with others.

The calmness and beauty of this location adds to the deep experience available to those who choose to expand their lives and touch others in a meaningful way. It is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed by anyone wanting to understand fully the Ayurvedic practice of medicine.

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