Finding the Right Apartment in the UWS

by | May 9, 2017 | Real Estate Agency

Though the world-famous Upper West Side is known as one of the list toppers for the city’s best areas, this is an area that continues to offer amazing surprises still and takes people to a wonderful and magical place in sometimes very unexpected ways. Located near Central Park and Riverside Park that is just to the west, 221 West 77 is close to many popular tourist destinations, shopping and dining venues, historical landmarks, cultural centers, and the bustling life the city is so well known for. If you are looking for UWS apartments for sale, then this is one place you definitely want to check out!

Broadway and Amsterdam Bound
Conveniently nestled between Broadway and Amsterdam, two of the city’s most famous avenues, this area features some of the most dynamic and unique features in terms of architecture, city features, cultural presence and sheer energy levels. Lined with trees and wide easy to navigate sidewalks, this section of the city features great opportunities for leisure walks any time of the year.

221 West 77 in the UWS
This apartment area features unmatched access to everything that makes the Upper West Side the world-renowned destination that it is. With Central Park to the east and scenic Riverside Park to the west, the biggest attractions and landmarks New York City has to offer is right at your fingertips. Getting a taxi or catching the subway or a bus is easy with quick local access to public transportation hubs and a local starting point for any city adventures.

When you want the best that the city has to offer, you want 221 West 77. Contact them today to check availability on what UWS apartments are for sale!

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