Exploring Carpet Options for Low and High Traffic Areas

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Home Improvement

A new carpet can add a completely new look to any room in your house. Not only will it add a new look, but it can make a statement about you as a family or person.

What Areas?

What you need to start thinking about are the areas of your house that you want to carpet. Do you want to just put down new carpet in the family room, or in one bedroom? Are you going to be replacing an entire home’s carpet in Downer’s Grove? If you’re looking to just add new carpet to one room in your house, try to make it to that fits in with the look of the house, and be sure it blends well with the other rooms you already have. Installers can add saddles or make seamless transitions. Talk to your salesman about which one you prefer.

Getting Measurements

Once you know what rooms you’re looking to carpet you need to get measurements. You have to know how to do exact measurements for carpet so that you can get a quote from carpet installers. You can also have them come out and do it for you. When you do, make sure you ask about installation costs, the amount of time it takes to install and all the other questions that you might have.

Final Questions

Once you have the salesman’s attention that is the time you should talk about the grades of the carpet that you might need to put in. If you have a high traffic area, or somewhere that people are going to be walking all the time, you need to go with a high grade carpet that’s not going to wear out too quickly. Low traffic areas can have different types of carpet put in. You can go over this with the salesman at the warehouse or the floor personnel that you’re talking with on site.

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