Enjoy Some Special Treatment And Fall Hair Styles At The Hair Salons in Hays

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Health

Sometimes, you just need to be pampered. If the fray of September got you down, mix it up as fall starts with a new haircut and some color. It is amazing how much a fresh cut and a new look can put in put some extra pep in your step. If you are looking for something new, you need to check out one of the great Hair Salons in Hays. There are a lot of great hairstyles trending this fall, and the right stylist can direct you to a cut that will look great on you.

If you want something that is super easy to style and is stylish at the same time, talk to your stylist about going short. Cropped cuts are all the rage this fall. Just because your hair is short does not mean it cannot have some style and funk. You can make your hair look more edgy by putting some tousled pieces in front.

If you like having shorter hair, but just are not feeling like going with a bob, go with a low-fuss lob instead. It is just a longer version of the classic bob hairstyle. It allows you the perks and benefits of a short hairstyle, while giving you a little extra length to work with. It is a very versatile haircut that you can style many ways. Plus, it is flattering on a large variety of different face and body shapes.

If you really want to switch things up, ditch the light colors and opt for some richer, deeper highlights this fall. Fall seems to inspire people to switch to deeper and richer colors. If you want to match the richness of the season, dye your hair brunette and ask your stylist to infuse it with some deep golds and red tones. This will add some character to your hair and will also reflect the autumn light more.

If you need some pampering and a new style, step into one of the Hair Salons in Hays. Ask them for either a cropped cut or a lob cut if you don’t want to go that short. Talk to your stylist about adding some rich colors to your hair for fall as well. Contact Hays Academy Of Hair Design and book a much needed appointment today.





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