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by | Aug 9, 2017 | Real Estate Agency

Real Estate in Kingston has witnessed substantial growth over the past year. This year has good prospects for home sellers. If you are planning to sell, you probably want to get the best possible deal for your home. The following tips will guide you towards achieving just that.

You Need the Right Agent to Sell Your Home

Home selling will only profit you if you are working hand in hand with a competent realtor. It is thus highly recommended that you take time researching the best agents. Hiring the wrong agent could cost you thousands of dollars. You also don’t want to spend months anxiously waiting to sell. Therefore, get an agent who is quick in getting you a great deal. Most reliable realtor companies such as Win Morrison Realty post their marketing material online. Through such platforms such as LinkedIn, you can also browse through Realtor profiles. By carefully considering such data, you can decide which agent is best for you.

Make Your Home Pop

Even in the perfect sellers’ market, Real Estate in Kingston favors homes with alluring appearances. When you boost the profile of your home, you will enhance the interest of potential buyers and thus give you a better bargaining advantage. Light makeovers are very cost-effective, and they add incredible value to your investment. On the same note, a clean house sells better and faster than a dirty home.

Foliage Sells

Surveys by Win Morrison Realty show that green grass around the house can drive up sales by as much as 10%. If you are planning to sell, proper landscaping will confer additional value to your home. Shrubs, flowers and other forms of plants such as grasses and perennials have a curb appeal that gives your home that welcoming allure that most buyers look for before making a purchase.

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