Diagnosis of Lower Back and Spine Conditions with MRI Testing

by | Aug 31, 2012 | Health

Conditions of the lower back and spine can be accurately diagnosed with an MRI at an Orlando radiology clinic. These types of conditions have often been difficult for doctors to diagnose. However, the highly specialized images produces with the MRI procedure help doctors diagnose conditions that were often missed with x-rays or other traditional diagnostic tests.

One specialized MRI test that is available at an Orlando radiology clinic is the axial loading system procedure. This test has the patient in a different position than the traditional horizontal position. This allows the doctor to see the effect that gravity is having on the spinal cord. For example, the doctor can see the effect of normal lifting activities on a patient’s spinal cord. This could be missed with the traditional MRI procedure.

This specialized testing will help the doctor accurately diagnose problems you are having with your back and spinal cord and provide you with the best treatment options available. Surgery may be necessary for severe conditions, but this is always a last resort.

People who suffer with chronic lower back or spinal pain need relief from their suffering. These specialized MRI tests help doctors to make the most accurate diagnosis possible. Doctors are having increasingly positive results from this more accurate type of MRI testing for patients with back or spinal problems.

A specialized MRI test, such as the axial loading system procedure may take a bit longer than a normal MRI, but usually not a great deal longer. The accuracy in the diagnosis is worth the few extra minutes it takes to have the procedure performed. It helps doctors rate the level of severity for lower back and spinal conditions.

You don’t have to keep suffering with lower back or spinal pain. There are accurate diagnostic tests available that can help the doctor develop an effective treatment plan for you. The sooner you have the test performed, the sooner you can start your treatment and the road to recovery. Spinal and lower back pain can be serious, so you should get a diagnosis from your doctor as soon as possible.

If you have questions about specialized MRI testing, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor. You can also contact an Orlando radiology clinic to learn more about the procedure. They will be glad to answer any questions you have and help you feel more comfortable with having an MRI.

Orlando radiology clinics offer specialized MRI testing for patients with lower back or spinal conditions. The procedure is much more comfortable for patients with the open MRI equipment available at Open MRI of Orlando. For more information about the benefits of open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), visit the website at www.openmrioforlando.com/ or call 407-749-8848 to schedule your appointment.

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