Commercial Construction: Colorado Springs Constructability Review Benefits

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Completing commercial construction projects requires a complex process, which means there is plenty of room for costly errors and delays. To prevent unforeseen complications, many project owners are now turning to the design-build methodology to streamline project completion. Part of the process often includes Constructability Reviews for commercial construction. Colorado Spring’s general contractions use the reviews to ensure projects run efficiently.

Commercial Construction: Colorado Spring’s Constructability Reviews

A Constructability Review is a project management technique that is used to review the construction process from start to finish during the entire pre-construction phase. This allows potential obstacles to be addressed to reduce errors prior to starting the project build. In return, there are less delays and cost overruns.

During the review, the drawing and specifications are reviewed to confirm the project owner’s wants and needs while foreseeing potential complications. While the reviews can take extra time and effort, the benefits produced from the reviews are time well spent.

By streamlining the construction process with the reviews, the need for change orders, lawsuit risks and claims, and general conditions and administration costs are reduced. In addition, you will gain improved communication through a collaborative effort to promote the overall project design. With a clear understanding of the construction documents, the quality of the project will improve with the ability to plan ahead for any work that lies within a difficult scope.

With Constructability Reviews, you enhance projects for commercial construction. Colorado Springs company, iiCON Construction Group provides the reviews for large scale projects for complete project analysis.

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