Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation

by | Mar 28, 2015 | Business

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It is no surprise that such a momentous occasion would involve a tremendous amount of careful planning and attention to each and every detail. Your wedding invitation is your formal declaration of marriage to each of your guests and is a reflection of the quality of the wedding ceremony to come. The ideal invitation will make a great impression on everyone who receives it, providing a preview of the celebration and leaving everyone who opens it anxiously awaiting the event itself.

The first and most obvious choice surrounding your invitations is the color scheme. Many couples choose invitations in colors that match their theme and the dominant colors that will be used in the ceremony. You can create a bold, sleek, modern look by focusing primarily on one color with subtle enhancements; for example, an envelope and card in a vibrant red, with a gold border and few tiny gold designs scattered over the card’s outer flap. Or, you can go for a grander, festive appearance by choosing a scheme that uses balancing colors for the card and envelope and includes intricate designs and enhancements throughout. Your choice of wedding invitation should reflect your personality and your event’s motif.

The first thing your guests see is not the actual invitation, but the envelope that holds it; you’ll want to make sure that every component of your announcement is coordinated and equally impressive. Do you prefer a more traditional envelope that opens from the top, or one with decorative flaps that fold around your invitation, opening like a beautiful flower to reveal the card inside? Or would you like your invitation to unroll from the envelope, like a royal scroll? Imagine how you want your guests to experience the invitation as they open it and choose your style accordingly.

You will also need to decide how many and what kinds of accessories you’d like on your invitations – or whether you want any at all. If you’re going for a classy, understated look, you may want to avoid the use of stones or ribbons, or select a wedding invitation that includes just one carefully-placed enhancement as a focal point. On the other hand, intricate designs, varying textures, and the use of golden emblems or scattered crystals can create a lavish, opulent mood. Again, what you choose will depend both on the impression you wish to create, and the theme of the wedding itself.

The perfect wedding invitation should entice your guests and create excitement about the marriage to come. Such a monumental event deserves a wedding invitation that is as singular, joyful, and eternal as the union it is designed to celebrate. Contact Regal Cards.

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