Celebrity or non-celebrity: the keynote speaker question

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Business

Celebrity keynote speakers are well known, and have in the past been some of the most effective motivational speakers. Still, are they the best? Persuasion research in the past few years has tended to differ with this point. Instead of hiring that celebrated musician or actor for the motivational speaker role, perhaps you might be better off going for the more relatable speakers. Here is why;

The trust threshold

For most speakers, be they celebrities or the non-mega-celebrity relatable speakers, their fame will likely have started small, with a few fans that religiously followed them and a small circle. As they grew, they became more popular and therefore gained more fans. With more fans comes more attention, however, and it reaches a point where they get so huge that the small circle of fans, those who felt the most connected to them, no longer feel that the authenticity of their connection. The point at which this authenticity is lost is the trust threshold. The fans start questioning whether what they are saying is actually the genuine truth, or just for the fame or money. As an event planner, you do not want to get caught up in this cycle.


Think about availability in the conventional sense; is the speaker available? Then think about it in the wider sense; is the speaker available for interaction with the audience after, photo opportunities, speaking with the press and dealing with follow up questions. Speakers might be available for the actual speech, but their tight schedules or exclusive nature makes them unattainable to the audience, losing them that appeal of the personal touch.


This is especially important for the meeting planner who is looking for a Business Motivational Speaker in Westlake Village, CA for that relatively small company or organizational meeting or retreat. You might want to wow your customers with the most famous, but that will cost you an arm and a leg. Go instead for the more affordable speakers, the ones that will give their all to the audience and will not have you breaking the bank inviting them to speak or catering to their demands. Follow us on twitter

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