Can I Hold an Art Job Without Being an Artist?

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Arts and Entertainment

Do you enjoy performing on stage or presenting your artwork to others? Or maybe you simply enjoy being part of the audience at artistic performances, galleries, or other events? Whether you like to shine on stage or appreciate watching others perform their art, a job as an arts administrator may be a great fit for you. There are many aspects of this position that allow you to express your creativeness while not directly performing the art.


The path for obtaining an Arts Administration Master’s Degree can stem in the early days of high school. If you were involved in art clubs, theatre, or other organizations that allowed you to express creativity in some way, you have experience valuable for arts administration. Taking accounting and business classes in an undergraduate degree or even selecting one of these as your focus of study could be beneficial. You can have much more of a chance of being accepted into a Master’s program if you have also studied art either as a major or as a minor. People skills are also very important, so you should try to take as many English and communication courses as possible.

Job Focus

As an art-related job, an arts administrator must also have equal skills in business and communicating effectively. You will be expected to perform the following tasks while holding a position in this field:

  • Finding participants for events
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Design art-related activities for the public
  • Handle budgets
  • Supervise the staff and volunteers at your business or events

If you enjoy teamwork as well as business, you can enjoy art in a new way. If you don’t feel as though you have what it takes to become a professional artist or spend your days and nights on stage or traveling, being around artwork every day can be the next best thing. As with all creativity, there are unexpected occurrences and delays that may need to be handled. Each job has its challenges, so why not search for one that you would enjoy every day? You can search online for schools that offer Arts of Administration Master’s degrees.

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