Call a Professional for Your Grease Trap Cleanings

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Septic Tank

When fats and oils exit a restaurant, they flow down the sink with the water and the food solids. As they pass through the plumbing system, they separate into three discrete sections. Oils and fats rise to the top. Solid food settles to the bottom. The middle layer is the waste water. The grease trap grabs the food solids and the oils on top.

The water is allowed to pass through but the grease is blocked. If it weren’t blocked, it could congeal and clog pipes. However, grease traps need to be cleaned from time to time. You should hire a professional for your grease trap cleanings. If you have ever smelled a grease trap, you know how noxious the smell can be. The grease trapped in the trap is called “brown grease” because it has been in the trap for long enough to be contaminated.

Call a Professional

Calling a professional for your grease trap cleanings is crucial because a clear grease trap is incredibly important. The trap needs to grab as much of the oils and solids as possible so that your plumbing stays clear and water flows easily. The brown grease decays in an anaerobic fermentation process; anaerobic fermentation is the process of decay without the presence of oxygen. This is the same process that makes swamps and dumpsters smell bad.

At, you can find professionals to pump out your grease trap. Pumping out a grease trap is similar to the process of pumping out a septic tank. In a lot of ways, the grease trap is the septic tank for your restaurant sink.

Keeping it Clear

Keeping your grease trap as clear as possible is the best way to reduce the amount of cleanings that you need. You should scrape as much solid food as possible into the trash or the garbage compactor before it goes into the sink.

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