Buying A Ford Escape In Chicago (By Way Of Example)

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Automotive

Although good examples of this model can be found in the secondhand car market, let us assume that you are interested in buying a brand-new Ford Escape for Chicago use. To this end, you have two main starting points:-

   *   The maker’s website.
   *   The maker’s authorized dealership for your location.

Actually, the latter can also be located through the maker’s website as well as from local knowledge or searching such as “Yellow Pages”, etc.

What Is It?

The Escape was first introduced in the year 2000 (model year 2001) as a compact crossover sports utility vehicle (SUV). This model name is still in production although it is now in its third generation. In the beginnings, it was something of a co-production sharing elements with the Mazda car company of Japan – the Japanese version was called the Mazda Tribute. The current generation came out in 2012 (2013 model year) and dropped its Japanese aspects in favor of the “One Ford” policy. It is based on (and nearly identical to) the European designed Kuga. The basic engine is a 2.5-litre gasoline fuelled, naturally aspirated, inline engine with four cylinders although other options can be available (including diesel or hybrid). Front wheel drive is standard although a four wheel drive version is available. Additional refinements are being introduced now for the 2017 model.

How To Buy It

You will have noted while searching the dealerships that there are several shown for your general area. This enables you to not only select the most geographically convenient but also to check out various aspects of each (such as size of inventory, amount of any discounts provided, workshop facilities for warranty and ongoing preventative maintenance servicing and other features).

Because of their large inventory and generous pricing policies, Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn is an ideal dealership to choose when buying a Ford Escape For Chicago use. Please visit Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn for detailed information.

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