Brighten the Night With Landscape Lighting Services in Matthews, NC

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Electrical and Electricians

Outside residential lighting is often restricted to a light on the side of the home or garage and potentially a few marker lights in a garden or along a walkway. This is unfortunate because homeowners spend money and time each year to create beautiful landscapes and features in their yard only to have them remain invisible for many hours each day. Landscape Lighting Services in Matthews NC prevent this mistake and offer a lot of benefits for the investment.

Extend the Party

Adding landscape and exterior lighting makes it possible to extend outdoor events into the evening hours. An outdoor entertaining area adds to the living space of the home without requiring a major investment. The effect is felt even when cookouts and family gatherings are not on the schedule. Good lighting makes it easy to safely enjoy a crisp fall evening with family members or a romantic summer night out in the fresh air.

Increase Home Safety

Landscape lighting reduces the risk of tripping and falling when entering the home at night. It helps to identify terrain changes and features that may otherwise fade into the shadows. Safety is also increased by the deterrence light offers to potential burglars. Home security experts highly recommend adequate exterior lighting as a method of keeping criminals away.

Showcase the Property

Exterior lights can surround a gorgeous flower garden, shine on a flagpole or highlight an architectural feature of the home. It is possible to increase the night time curb appeal dramatically when the layout of the lights is designed and installed correctly. The lights do not have to be glaring or act as a spotlight. The variety of options available makes it simple to provide adequate light without becoming the neighborhood beacon.

Landscape Lighting Services in Matthews NC make it easy to beautify a home all year round. It is possible to adjust light colors and designs for holiday purposes and as the season’s change. Adding lights helps to update the home and gives the property a modern and elegant appearance. Companies like Gowdy Electric offer innovative products that provide a surprising amount of impact without a substantial increase in the electric bill. Contact them today to learn more.

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