Brazing Over Welding

by | May 18, 2016 | Business

Aluminum brazing may be a less well known technique than its cousin welding, but it has many benefits to offer those who use it. This is an excellent way to build or repair the parts that you need, no matter what their ultimate purpose may be. All kinds of areas make use of this method, from aviation to medical equipment. Make sure that your equipment gets the precision job that it deserves from an experienced company.

In your search for the best source for your metalwork, it can be a good idea to check whether or not they are NADCAP accredited. This qualification indicates that they are able to meet certain high standards of quality and committed to maintaining a reliable process. The method of aluminum brazing uses a filler material that is often made partially of aluminum and partially of silicon. When the silicon is included, this is often known as dip brazing. This substance is first melted and then poured into the joint where two parts need to be connected. This material has a lower melting point so that the pieces being joined together are not as affected by the heat and do not melt. This method facilitates the creation of strong, durable joints that can be produced quickly and efficiently. The dip brazing method prevents future oxidization for a longer lasting product, especially when it comes to aluminum materials. All the qualities you want combine into one long lasting joint.

When you learn about all of the advantages that aluminum brazing has to offer, you can understand why so many technicians choose it over welding. Get the most out of this method by finding a company that can provide the quality work that you need. A combination of the right knowledge and experience will help them get the job done, leaving you with aluminum parts that can be relief on no matter what you need them for.

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