Avoiding Pitfalls in Executive Development

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Educations

You finally got that promotion. Welcome to the big time, one of the many positions in your company that is considered on the executive level. However, you may not be as pleased as you want to be because your thoughts are clouded by doubts and nervousness of how good you’re actually going to do at your job. This is a common and completely justified fear because there are many pitfalls as a beginner. However, if you read the following, you can avoid these three major pitfalls and ensure proper executive development.

Failure to See Yourself as a Leader

There is a wide gap of self-perception between an employee and an executive. It’s almost the equivalent of seeing yourself as a different breed of human altogether. You must have different expectations for yourself and put yourself in a whole new frame of mind. A boss is not a team player; they’re a team leader. As such, you need to stop focusing on your own performance and instead focus on strategies that build a stronger team. It will be difficult to shift perspectives, but it must be done for the good of the team beneath you, as well as your own advancement as an executive.

Not Looking for Support

It can be easy to think of yourself as an island that must fend for itself when you take up this position. However, you cannot do this job alone, especially if you just got this position and are unfamiliar with the ins and outs. Find mentors, both in and out of your company; people who have been in the situation you’re in and have succeeded. These individuals will give you the advice you need to succeed in this new area. They’ll be able to tell you what pitfalls to look out for in your specific job and industry, as well as how to expand your influence and improve your standing with your higher ups.

Not Knowing Your Boss’s Expectations

The sticking point for many new bosses is not knowing what those above them expect now that they’re in this position. As such, the best thing you can do for yourself is to set up a meeting with your higher ups as soon as possible so you can ask them exactly what they want from you, such as what they want you to improve about the area you’re leading, what needs to be tightened and more.

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