Asbestos Flooring Products Need to Be Removed By a Commercial Floor Removal Service

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Flooring

On July 12, 1989, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a ban on asbestos materials being used in residential and commercial properties. There is no law stating property owners must remove the asbestos flooring in their building unless it is damaged and the fibers could possibly become airborne.

Most commercial property owners make the wise choice to have these flooring materials removed and replaced so they eliminate their liability. With the expertise of a Commercial Floor Removal Service, the old asbestos-containing flooring can be removed and the subfloor prepared so new flooring materials can be put in place.

There are several steps that must be taken in the removal of these materials.

  • The building must be evacuated during the entire removal process so occupants are not exposed to any asbestos fibers that may become airborne.
  • The area must be contained so the fibers do not spread past the area being worked on.
  • The materials must be carefully removed according to EPA guidelines.
  • Materials must be disposed of according to EPA guidelines to prevent exposure as much as possible.
  • Special HEPA vacuums must be used to remove any dust and asbestos residue that may be left behind during the Commercial Floor Removal Service.

Special cleaners must be used to ensure all asbestos residue is removed. Once all threats of asbestos materials have been removed, the flooring team will go to work preparing the subfloor for the installation of the new flooring material.

Often, some of the subflooring is damaged and will need to be replaced or patched. The technicians will work to make sure the subfloor is completely sound and smooth before the new flooring material is introduced and installed. This is an important part of new flooring installation so the new floor can be made stable and will not suffer damage.

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