An Effective Treatment Plan For Radiation Dermatitis

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Health

Going through cancer treatments is definitely no picnic and though radiation and chemotherapy are life-saving interventions, they can also cause some horrible side effects in the process. Radiation commonly causes burns to occur on the skin covering the cancerous region. In the beginning, radiation dermatitis just appears to be an area of skin that is red. It looks similar to sunburn and may be sensitive to the touch. Long courses of radiation treatments can cause deeper burns that impact the skin and cause wounds. When this happens, the doctor will often step in and prescribe a treatment plan to protect your weakened immune system from developing a superficial infection.

After radiation treatments are over, the skin will eventually heal. However, many patients are surprised that their skin never feels exactly the same again. It is often very dry or stiff and the coloring might be slightly different than other areas on the body. Many oncologists prescribe creams or gels to moisturize the skin as it heals after radiation. While this may prevent the skin from being quite as dry, it will not completely rid the patient of redness and pain, which are the most problematic aspects of radiation dermatitis.

To treat these painful side effects of radiation, you will need a skin care regimen that involves multiple steps. First, you should apply a cream that rehydrates the skin. Look for a product that contains Therosol. This compound contains healing properties that have been proven to reduce redness and inflammation dramatically in radiation patients. You should apply the rehydrating cream at least three times daily and also directly following any radiation treatments.

Beyond this moisturizing regimen, look for a calming serum that also contains Therosol. A serum can be safely applied even to open burn wounds. It will work to soothe pain and inflammation quickly. Apply this serum first and allow it time to be absorbed by your skin. Then follow it with the rehydrating cream mentioned above to lock in the serum’s benefits and push in even more moisture.

Patients suffering from radiation treatments radiation dermatitis should also avoid over-the-counter cleansers that contain harsh chemicals and astringents. Because the skin is highly sensitive following radiation treatments, you should select a cleanser that is soap-free and extremely mild. It should double as an anti-bacterial soap and foam cleaners are preferable because they are easier to apply to the damaged skin. Clean your face with a cleanser made for radiation dermatitis at least twice each day. Follow a three-step skin care regimen daily: cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. With this protocol, you will protect your skin from further damage and help it heal quickly following radiation.

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