All the Fake Snow Powder Enjoyments

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Shopping

Making Fake Snow Powder

Fake snow powder is made from hydrated polymer, which is the same type of absorbent material in diapers. When water is added, it hydrates and expands, forming small fluffy clusters that do not stick to other surrounding clusters. This is the simple science of producing fake snow powder. It really is as easy as mixing water with the powder. The best part of this mixture is that no stirring is required. Make sure you whip up a small test batch before you go wild. This safe non-toxic material is also biodegradable.

The Uses for Fake Snow Powder

Most people think of ski slopes, movies, plays and televisions when it comes to fake snow. The machines that make “real” fake snow are only used on ski slopes and can only operate at temperatures below 20ºF. As for the others, there are two types that are used in the movies and televisions. One type of fake snow used is dry plastic, better known as a snow blanket, which is rolled out when no machines are used. The other is the poly snow mentioned previously, which comes in various forms. The first are snow pellets and plastic snowflakes. This is also used to make the falling snow that is common in movies and television. The one difference with falling snow is that it melts a minute or two after it lands. Additionally, there is even real snow that can be delivered that is derived from shaved ice. The only problems with this shaved ice snow are that it’s expensive and actually cold. Most companies do not provide this type, and one would have to conduct some research into who would be willing to deliver this.

Applications of Fake Snow Powder

There are several places that fake snow powder is used, especially around the holidays when people begin turning to fake snow powder to create a wintry theme. The endless fun of instant snow usually starts with holidays, but it doesn’t end there. You can also use it for photography, themed parties, summertime pranks and anything else your heart desires. Fake snow powder works indoors and outdoors, which means you can use no matter what the conditions are like.

Safety with Fake Snow Powder

Safety involves being informed on the possible outcomes and how to use the products properly. Fake snow powder is a liquid concentrate and water mixture that can be used in some snow machines or mixed by hand. This can and will provide safe fun for your event. Make sure to read the safety instructions when mixing ingredients and follow the manual for the machine exactly.

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