A Guide to Getting the Best Results with Residential Interior Designers in Bethesda MD

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Business

If you are considering working with residential interior designers in Bethesda MD for a home or office project, did you stop to consider how you might ensure that the project goes off without the proverbial hitch or glitch? There are many responsibilities for those who are working with designers, but most are unaware of the extent of them. Let’s take a moment to understand what you can do to help residential interior designers in Bethesda MD really deliver.

  • Make a clear list of your goals – What is the room or space to be used for? Who is going to use it? What is the overall scope of the work (refresher, total renovation, restoration, and so on)?
  • Help them to understand your esthetic – There are all kinds of online resources and real world methods for making “dream” or “vision” boards. It is a very wise idea to have at least some simple hints and suggestions for the designer to use in their work. Preferred colors, architectural styles, furnishing styles, art and music preferences, and even fashion and houseware images can help the best residential interior designers in Bethesda MD do a good job.
  • Be clear – Whether it is about budgets, timelines, goals, needs, preferences‚Ķit is your job to find a good way to communicate and be very clear with your designer about each of these factors. If you don’t, they are unable to do the work to their best ability.
  • Choose wisely – Of course, one of the best ways to get the very best results with your residential interior designers in Bethesda MD is to choose wisely. Going with the first name you find is an unwise decision at best. Instead, you must look for someone who eagerly seeks the kind of input and details already mentioned above. If you do not have an option to discuss your needs and personal vision, then you are not all that likely to end up with rooms you actually want or are eager to use.

Working with Zoe Feldman Design means you get the chance to work alongside an award-winning, Parsons School of Design graduate who counts on input and feedback from clients as a key part of her work. She begins with several detailed conversations a client in order to be clear about their unique vision, needs and hopes. The result is one that is perfect for the client while reflecting her own modern, yet classic esthetic, too. Get in touch for a consultation. You can also follow her on Facebook for more updates.

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