A Criminal Defense Attorney in Rockwall, TX Helps Repeat Offenders Avoid the Harshest Penalties

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Lawyers

The state of Texas considers driving while intoxicated a criminal offense. Repeat offenders can expect harsh penalties. The first two convictions of DWI are misdemeanors, but the third is a felony. A person charged with a third DWI needs a criminal defense attorney in Rockwall, TX to have any chance of avoiding serious consequences.

Potential Penalties

The potential monetary fine for a felony DWI is steep, and the reality of significant jail time is grim. The minimum jail sentence is 10 days, but a judge can sentence the offender up to 10 years behind bars. The driver’s license is suspended. The person may be able to be granted work release and an occupational driver’s license during this time, but the program requires participants to return to the jail outside of regular work hours.

Judges can levy fines up to $10,000 upon conviction for a third DWI. There are more fees as well. Applying to have the driver’s license reinstated costs money, and so does the requirement to participate in the Texas Driver Responsibility Program. It even costs money to apply for an occupational license.

Legal Strategies

Because of all these substantial consequences that can be imposed after conviction, hiring a criminal defense attorney in Rockwall TX is imperative. A lawyer may challenge various aspects of the charges and evidence as well as any of the potential penalties. They may find reasons to request dropping the charge by the prosecution or dismiss the case in court.

Reduced sentencing through a plea bargain may also be a possibility. For instance, a two-year jail sentence for a third DWI conviction is standard. However, a plea bargain may convert that sentence to one of community service and probation. The person must complete all the requirements, or the jail sentence may automatically go back into effect. Probation has many stipulations, including maintaining a job and abstaining from alcohol and other drugs.

All these actions can be extremely difficult for the average person to accomplish without professional legal representation from a firm such as the Law Office of Tim Hartley. Visit website to schedule a consultation.

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