Different Types of Hair Extensions

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Different Types of Hair Extensions

If you have seen stars that have short hair one day and long the next, you might have already caught on to the trend of hair extensions. There are many different types of hair extensions available and if you are interested in having long hair without waiting for your hair to grow, you have several options available to you.

If you want to add length or even just volume to your hair, hair extensions might be a good option to try. Clip-in extensions are a great option for those who do not want to commit to the full extensions. Full hair extensions can be rather expensive and they are much more permanent. Clip-in extensions are a great way to see how hair extensions look on you and they can be removed any time without any help. The clip-in extensions are synthetic, but they are friendly to heat so they can be styles in any way using low heat settings.

Human Hair extensions are great solutions for those who have fine hair, thinning hair, or even hair that is short and needs to be lengthened. The human hair can come from a variety of different places, but the best is created in India. In India, hair is cut ceremonially and cleaned, inspected, and processed. The quality hair that comes from this country lasts longer and can hold up against heat and styling.

Remy Extensions are the highest grade of extensions that also use human hair. The phrase “Remy” means that the cuticle of the hair is still intact so there is a more natural flow to the hair. These extensions are the most highly recommended by beauty professionals in the industry because they can blend together without flaws and even have the same shine as natural hair. Remy extensions also have the most styling capabilities because they can be washed and styled in any manner, just like regular hair. When properly maintained, this type of hair extension can also last the longest.

Fusion Extensions are the hardest to apply but they look the most discreet. These extensions are attached one strand at a time to the natural hair in the root area. The tips of the extensions are fused with the real hair. This type of extension is only for people who have strong hair because the existing hair needs to support the bond of the extensions. These extensions can last for half a year if they are maintained properly.

If you are interested in getting hair extensions, talk with your salon representative about your budget and the different types of extensions that are available. With any luck, you will be on your way to having fuller, thicker, longer hair in a short amount of time.

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