4 Ways for Homeowners to Tell That it’s Time for Well Pump Installation in Martinsburg WV

In homes that rely on wells as a water source, it’s important for owners to understand how the well works and to know the signs of trouble-;so they can have the well serviced before it fails. The well pump is one of the most important parts, and some of the most common signs of failure are listed below.

The Pump Always Runs

When a well pump cannot maintain enough pressure to pump water, it may run continuously in an effort to compensate. A sign of a constantly running pump is a high power bill. If the issue is in the impellers, which pull water up from the ground, debris may find its way out of the tap and into the home’s water. If the pump is always running, the owner may need to hire a plumber for repair or well pump installation in Martinsburg WV.

Vibration and Loud Noises From the Well Casing

Submersible pumps are usually enclosed in metal housings. When there is an issue, the user may hear sounds coming through the casing, or they may notice a vibration when the pump is in use. A worn impeller or failed bearings and pistons often cause loud clunking sounds and excessive vibration.

Low Water Pressure

If the user turns on the tap and notices a sharp decrease in water pressure, a faulty pump may be to blame. If parts of the pump are broken, the unit may not be able to pull enough water out of the well and into the home. If the water pressure in the home suddenly drops, the owner should call for Well Pump Installation in Martinsburg WV as soon as possible.

Water and Air From the Faucet

Submersible well pumps in disrepair may force water up in an uneven fashion, which can cause an air pocket in the home’s pipes. The most common sign of pump problems occurs when air and water spray out of the faucet. While this may not happen all the time, it should be checked out if it begins to happen regularly.

While well pumps are designed to provide years of worry-free operation, they, like all other machines, will fail eventually. By looking out for the trouble signs listed here, Martinsburg homeowners can keep small well pump problems from turning into big ones. Call Winchester Plumbing & Gas Services Inc. today for well pump service.

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