3 Excellent Time Management Tips for When You Study MBBS In America

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Educations

If you want to study MBBS In America, you should know that the course will be intense, covering a lot of medical information in just a few short years. Many students find this course overwhelming, especially at first. Yet there are others who seem to get through it much more easily and experience much less stress. What are they doing differently? Usually, the answer is better time management.

Here are some ways you can manage your time better.

Get a Calendar

Either use an online calendar or an academic diary. Some people prefer old-fashioned paper diaries — this is fine, but of course, if you lose it, you lose everything. You can’t lose an electronic diary. It’s up to you though. You’ll have a lot of important dates to remember when you study MBBS In America — deadlines for assignments, class times, exam times and dates, as well as things like national holidays. Make sure you record them all.

Record and Schedule

Everyone is familiar with the classic “to-do” list, but if you want to succeed when you study MBBS in America, you need to upgrade this tool. You do this by scheduling. As soon as you get a chance, copy everything in your to-do list to your calendar. Choose a set date and time in which you’ll do this task. The only exception is if you’re waiting for something, for example, feedback from a tutor, before you can proceed. In these cases, schedule a time when you’ll send a chaser email to the person you’re waiting on.

Use Timeboxing

Plan your working days by breaking them into “time boxes.” These are set periods of 40-50 minutes where you work on one thing, and one thing only. During the time box, only have on your desk what you need for that task. Do not look at social media or any other websites unless needed for your work. You can do all of that between time boxes. Always box out your time at least one day in advance — you should go to bed knowing exactly what you’ll be doing the next day.

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