2017 Spring Trends for Glasses Frames in Manhattan

As with any accessory, even those that are medically necessary, Glasses Frames in Manhattan change from year to year. Individuals buying new glasses will find they have many styles to choose from, often ones seen on the fashion runways of the world. What are the hot trends for Spring 2017?

1. Metal frames will combine modern finishes with vintage highlights. The minimalist style continues to be a favorite with many, and individuals will find both regular and sunglasses frames of this type.

2. Translucent frames remain hot this year and come in many styles. Translucent no longer means clear plastic either, as designers are offering these frames in a wide range of colors. The lenses and frames blend with each other, so one cannot tell where the frame ends and the lenses begin.

3. Don’t purchase rectangular and square frames from the past. This year’s offerings include these classic styles with a modern flare. Designers have updated the frames using angular lines to provide a more contemporary look. The geometrical look may continue for some time, as there are so many things that can be done when this styling is used.

4. Athleisure clothing remains hot this year, and frame designers have decided to extend this trend to include Glasses Frames in Manhattan. Look for sporty pairs that are sure to complement this popular style of clothing.

5. Aviator glasses never go out of style, but this doesn’t mean they stay the same year after year. Today, frames of this type feature angular, wire brows, as this provide the glasses with a fresh look.

6. Consider a pair of layered glasses when choosing cat-eye glasses. The layered design adds a retro feel to the glasses, and this option is great for more casual outfits. Select full or half rims and big frames or small. The color selection is amazing as well when it comes to cat-eye frames.

Charlotte Jones Opticians offers a wide range of unique luxury eyewear, including offerings from premium designers such as Loree Rodkin and Thom Browne. All frames are handmade, which wearers are sure to appreciate, and the glasses add the finishing touch to any outfit. Don’t settle for last year’s frames when there are so many new ones to choose from. You won’t be disappointed when you see how amazing they are.

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