Why the Smartest, Most Convenient Hearing Aid Is Found in Tulsa OK

by | May 24, 2013 | Health

What is the biggest cause of hearing loss? Age accounts for 28% of hearing loss. However, fully one-third of all cases of hearing loss are caused by prolonged loud noise, often at industrial jobs. Not only do loud noises cause hearing loss in the first place, but they can hinder the effectiveness of hearing aids. Most people want to hear voices, not background noise. Luckily, if you’re looking for a Tulsa OK Hearing Aid professional, you can find one that effectively uses technology to make the smartest, most convenient hearing aids available.

If you suffer from hearing loss in the Tulsa area, it’s fortunate that you live near a Tulsa OK hearing aid provider who is striving to revolutionize the way we improve our hearing. In fact, if you use a Zounds hearing aid, you can hear voices even better than people who don’t suffer from hearing loss! There are many qualities that make the Zounds hearing aid smart and superior, including noise cancellation and a convenient remote and charger.

Most hearing aids simply turn up the volume of everything. They amplify all sounds equally, whether or not you want to hear them equally. The Zounds hearing aid amplifies voices while canceling out noise, so you can hear what you need to hear. This is also called smart sound amplification. Depending on your location, there may be different kinds of sound or varying levels of noise. This smart Tulsa OK hearing aid adjusts the levels of sound amplification and noise cancellation accordingly.

A unique characteristic of the Zounds hearing aid is that it comes with its own remote. No longer must you struggle with hearing aid controls that only adjust volume up or down. You can adjust your hearing aid as easily as changing TV channels. It even has different settings for different experiences, like dining in a restaurant or listening to a concert.

Another special feature that sets the Zounds hearing aid apart is its charger. Hearing aid batteries are expensive and wear out quickly. They are also dangerous to have around small children, who could swallow them. Instead of fumbling with batteries, now you can simply place your hearing aid in a charger overnight. If the Zounds hearing aid gets your attention, you are welcome to visit a Tulsa OK Hearing Aid specialist for a free evaluation.


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