PTSD Treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah

by | Mar 22, 2013 | Health

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a disorder that affects many people in Salt Lack City.  While this disorder is most commonly associated with military service, PTSD can result from any event that causes psychological trauma.  So, while most prevalent in military personnel, anyone who has suffered through a traumatic incident can develop PTSD.  Someone who has been in a major car accident, for example, could also suffer from PTSD.  Whatever the cause, PTSD is a serious disorder and people who are suffering from it should seek assistance in dealing with the symptoms.

One method that is used in treating PTSD is a psychological debriefing.  This is where an individual who has gone through some traumatic experience goes through a counseling session immediately after an incident has occurred.  By doing this, an individual is required to confront the incident rather than going through a cycle that eventually leads to PTSD.  The thought is that by disrupting the normal pattern of behavior that eventually leads to PTSD you can prevent the disorder from forming.  One plus to this method is that events that cause PTSD are generally easy to identify, so you can treat with this method with some level of efficiency.  However, while easy to implement, this treatment method does not have a high success rate so other methods are often utilized.

Another way to treat PTSD is with psychotherapeutic intervention.  There are many different types of this particular intervention.  What these different methods all have in common is that they give a person ways to deal with and mitigate the effects of PTSD.  One of these forms of treatment, known as behavioral therapy, identifies the way an individual feels or acts when symptoms occur and then attempts to change these patterns of behavior.  This is basically a way to retrain yourself to act and behave in a manner more consistent with how you were prior to the PTSD.  This is an effective method to treat PTSD because it not only treats the symptoms but also the cause of the disorder.

One additional way to treat PTSD is with mediation.  PTSD is the result of a change in chemistry within the brain.  Rather than trying to resolve the issue by getting the system back to where it was pre trauma, medication aims to address the chemical imbalance as it currently exists.  Many people find this to be an effective way to treat PTSD because it treats the symptoms which, generally, are the most significant problem.  So, while not a cure for PTSD, medication can help someone effectively live with the symptoms of PTSD and live a full and productive life.  While effective, medications tend to have side effects.  These side effects can vary in range of severity, so it is important to weigh the pros and cons of treatment with medication.

Respecting the subject of treatment, within the context of Christian based counseling many individuals have found life changing results to the problems and issues discussed above. Many centers and ministry based services offer the promise of a changed life through the acceptance of the redeeming power and grace provided through Christ and His work. Many professional counselors and experienced ministers attest to the effective spiritual change and thus emotional and behavioral change effected when such a faith choice is made.

PTSD Treatment Salt Lake City UT – Salt Lake Behavioral Health provides different ways of treating PTSD including  psychological debriefing,  psychotherapeutic intervention and mediation in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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