FAQs About Basement Leak Repair In Fairfax County, VA

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

In Virginia, property owners need repairs for issues in their basements and crawlspaces. These areas are at a greater risk of damage if moisture develops. These conditions could lead to breaking and cracking of the foundation. The following are FAQs about basement leak repair in Fairfax County VA.

Can the Contract Repair Sections Only?

Yes, these areas are repaired most often by injecting concrete into cracks and breaks. They seal off the basement flooring to prevent it from becoming even more damaged. These damaged areas can lead to a shift and cause the entire property to collapse in extreme conditions.

How are Mold and Moisture Addressed?

These conditions require immediate remediation. The technician uses industrial-strength cleansers to remove these conditions quickly. Next, the area is treated with a waterproofing treatment and sealed off completely. Once it dries, the technician tests the area to ensure that the coating won’t allow any moisture to remain on the flooring. This prevents any unwanted health concerns that could develop in these areas.

What if the Foundation is Seriously Damaged?

The technicians may need to remove it and replace it with a strong option. They may involve renovating the property and removing portions of the basement to accomplish this goal. The technician will determine the necessity of this task during their property inspection.

Does a Leak Guarantee that Mold Will Develop?

No, it doesn’t guarantee that mold will develop. However, the moisture levels define if these risks are possible. At the first sign of a mold or mildew infestation, the owner needs to acquire remediation and repair services. These steps will eliminate common risks to these areas and prevent homeowners from becoming sick due to respiratory conditions that they develop. Mold is the leading cause of these conditions.

In Virginia, homeowners take steps to protect their home from moisture and water damage. These conditions lead to crack and property shift that could become dangerous over time. They can lead to illness as well as property shifts that could lead to more extensive damage. Homeowners who need Basement Leak Repair in Fairfax County VA contact us right now.

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