Factors to look at when considering Water Softening Solutions in Cedar Rapids IA

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Water Treatment

Water quality is an important factor for any homeowner. One of the major problems that affect quality is hard water. Homeowners who take notice of the presence of scaling inside water fixtures and pipes, buildup deposits on dishes and glasses and the ineffectiveness of soap when washing are probably facing a hard water problem. In this case, consider investing in Water Softening Solutions in Cedar Rapids IA.

Factors to consider

When choosing the type of water softener suitable for the home, there are four important factors to take into consideration.

  • Water hardness
  • Water consumption
  • Size
  • Regeneration

Measure water hardness

The first step is for the homeowner to call in water technicians to measure the level of water hardness in the home. Alternatively, homeowners can buy water hardness testing kits and carry out the test single-handedly. The level of water hardness is typically measured in grains. The abbreviation ‘gpg’ denotes grains per gallon. More grains correspond with high levels of water hardness.

Water consumption levels

This is not an exact science, and homeowners have to consider an average because there are days when water usage is higher compared to others. Ideally, an average individual uses between 70 to 90 gallons of water each day. So multiply this by the number of inhabitants in a particular house to get the water consumption levels per day.


The next aspect centers on what size of water softener is suitable for your home. Assume a particular household uses 300 gallons of water daily, and the amount of grains in each gallon is 8. 2400 grains is the magic number since that’s what the water softening solution has to achieve to remove the water hardness.


Water Softening Solutions in Cedar Rapids IA come in varying capacities. Assume, for example, a homeowner wants to get rid of the amount of grains mentioned above and he selects a 48,000 grain capacity softener. Well, this will effectively remove the 2400 grains he needs to get rid of each day, but at the same time he’ll have to think of the number of times he will have to regenerate his system. By dividing 48,000 by 2400, the answer is 20 which mean the person will have to regenerate the softener after every twenty days.

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