Advantages of Heating a Home With Heating Oil in Madison

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Keeping a home warm is one of the most important responsibilities of homeowners in cold climates. In Madison, providing a constant supply of heat isn’t just a matter of comfort, it’s a matter of ensuring a family’s safety and health. There are a wide variety of methods for heating homes, and each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Home heating oil in Madison is still one of the most popular solutions. Read on to find out why.

It Burns Hot

Furnaces using heating oil for fuel burn much hotter than natural gas or electric heating units. As a result, an oil-powered unit can heat a home much more quickly. Historically, this performance advantage has come at a cost. Burning heating oil sometimes releases soot into the home. Known as a puff-back, the occasional release of soot occurs primarily due to equipment failures, and modern furnaces have almost eliminated the puff-back effect.

It Costs Less

The monthly cost of heating a home using heating oil is, on average, significantly lower than the cost of heating a home with electricity. It is also a cost-efficient method for heating larger homes that often require significantly more heat and, thus, more fuel. Oil furnaces do require some electricity to run, but they require much less and rely primarily on regularly delivered heating oil in Madison.

It’s Versatile

Heating oil can be transported easily and safely, making it simple to provide a constant supply for a household. It can be held on-site in a tank or delivered via a pipe from a nearby containment area. It is safe to ship in its liquid form, making both storage and bulk delivery equally practical and straightforward.

So, What’s the Down-Side?

Heating oil has, somewhat rightfully, gained a reputation as being less environmentally sustainable than some forms of home heating. Although it burns cleanly, it is in limited supply, making it a non-renewable resource. Burning heating oil also creates carbon dioxide, which many people believe plays a significant role in contributing to climate change. Those operating older oil furnaces should know that newer models are much more energy efficient, which helps to reduce their environmental footprint as well as their associated operating costs. Visit for more information about heating oil and other types of fuel delivery.

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