Wall Lights: When and Where

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Electronics

Decorating rooms with wall lights have become a popular way to create a cozy or intimate look. They usually provide softer looks in comparison to ceiling lighting and add an interesting pool of light and shadows that help to enhance the mood.

While ceiling lighting can seem strong and even overbearing, the use of wall lighting is successful in washing over the walls of the room to give a pleasant glow. Wall Chicago lights often are more convenient than a floor or table lamp and can save much space since they will not take up any floor or tabletop space.

Wall Scones

Wall scones are a traditional type of home lighting. Today they can be purchased from traditional old styles to sleekly modern ones. They work well in areas where light reflected off the ceiling is wanted rather than projecting it down toward the room.

Because their shine is upward they are easy on the eye. The lighting from wall scones is flattering within the room and can help hide imperfections. A popular style of scone today is wrought iron as it adds a rustic touch that is perfect for a country style scheme.

Locations to Use Wall Lights

Wall light fixtures are often a better choice for reading lights. When placed on the wall in a strategic area for reading use, a wall light provides ample light while adding style to the room. Wall lights are also great for the bathroom. They often are used around the vanity and are excellent for hallways and foyers, adding a touch of soft light yet with a positive effect.

Other Styles of Wall Lights

Besides wall scones, other popular wall lights include torchieres, wall bracket, and lantern styles. Wall lanterns are very appealing and offer a touch that welcomes all to the room they are placed in. They work well near the home’s entrance as they brighten the entryway without bothering the eye. They can also be used on the outside of the front door on either side to brighten the way for people visiting or when guests leave.

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