VA Disability Lawyers May Be Your Best Option

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Lawyers

With the number of claims for veterans benefits on the rise, it is not unusual for it to take six months or more to get a decision from a VA regional office. If the claim for a service-related injury is denied, it can take the regional office as long as two years to forward your appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeal. Once it reaches the BVA, look for another two years to pass before they make a decision. With all the delays along the way, it can take several years to get the right decision handed down.

VA disability lawyers can help:

The entire appeals process is difficult, veterans that attempt the appeals process without the help of seasoned VA disability lawyers will find themselves at a disadvantage. Statistics indicate that veterans that are represented by VA disability lawyers for their appeal have the lowest denial rate and the highest success rate.

How can a disability lawyer help?

VA disability lawyers deal with appeals all the time, they know the laws, rules, and regulations and keep abreast of any and all changes. As such, your lawyer can analyze your claim history, assessing the best approach to getting you the benefits you deserve, those you know about and equally important, those you did not know existed.

Your lawyers will advocate ardently on your behalf. You can expect your lawyer to answer all questions that you have and helps you to gather the evidence that will be necessary to support your claim.

The appeals process is not easy, although it must be said that the VA does tend to assess the appeal in such a way that the applicant receives benefits. Veterans that employ knowledgeable VA disability lawyers are well suited to capitalize on this “sympathetic” approach on the part of the VA.

If your claim for veteran’s benefits was denied, VA disability lawyers can help during your appeal. For a free initial consultation, contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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