Understanding the process of oilfield construction in Alberta

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Oil And Gas

Oilfield construction is a complex industry with many moving parts. Several professionals work cohesively and in an integrated fashion to provide quality results on every project. If this is your first time planning oilfield construction, it helps to understand the processes that are involved. With a greater knowledge of what goes into a successful oilfield construction process, you will be better informed as to what to expect.

The professionals involved in the process

The first step to understand in the oilfield construction process is knowing which professionals are involved. From devising the project goals to the final steps in completion, there are many different people involved who will make sure that the process goes smoothly. Alberta oilfield companies already have industry contacts that they depend on to liaison with on each area of the project. This ensures that everything can come together as it needs to. Some of the professional staff involved include project managers, project supervisors, vendors, and the contractors themselves.

Prepping the area

In addition to learning about who is involved in oilfield construction, it also helps to learn about the processes. Some of the processes take a lot of time while others can be completed more succinctly. The first main component is to prep the area beforehand. This may require the removal of trees, shrubs, bushes, and other flora. Excavation of the land will need to take place in some instances in order to ensure that the construction can proceed unimpeded.

Tracking the project as it unfolds

With so many different moving parts, it is essential to track the process as it unfolds. Some of the Alberta oilfield construction companies you work with will offer to provide real time data on the project, issue tracking services to ensure that the team stays accountable, and provide simple and easy methods of communication. At Platinum Pipefitting, we are proud to offer all of these services so that your project can proceed seamlessly with open and clear communication.

At Platinum Pipe Fitting, we are one of the premier Alberta oilfield construction companies in the local area offering highly rated services.

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