Determining Whether You Have a Broken Hard Drive

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Data Recovery Service

There’s nothing more stressful than finding out you had a broken drive and lost data recovery is needed as soon as possible. There are many situations where a hard drive may stop or fail, and it isn’t always simple to determine it’s going to happen. However, there are some symptoms that can give you a leg up on determining that something may be going wrong and backing up your data is paramount.

Strange Sounds

There are many different sounds that may emit from your hard drive that means it might be close to failing. The most common sound reported is a clicking noise. It can constantly happen or only occur now and again. However, there are other sounds that can also point toward a serious issue. Be vigilant about backing up your data is you hear strange whirring or clunking sounds that weren’t present before.

Smell of Burning

Another common issue related to a broken drive lost data recovery is the smell of solder or burning electronics. Even if your hard drive has no other problems that are evident, smelling a burning scent may mean the hard drive is dying. This is the time to backup any files and be prepared to replace the drive when it is no longer usable.

Failure to Spin

When you turn on the computer, the first thing you might notice is the sound of the hard drive spinning. It may be noticeable or it may not be, depending on the computer case, model of the hard drive, and other factors related to the computer. If a hard drive is not making this spinning noise, it may not be working anymore. A silent boot process may mean the drive is already broken.

Error Messages

If the hard drive is having issues accessing the files located on the hard drive, you may find on-screen error messages pop up. While this doesn’t definitively indicate the hard drive is failing, it is something that should be checked up on. The error messages, when other symptoms are present, can be valuable for determining the exact issue.

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