4 Reasons to Put Jerky Back on the Menu

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Food & Drink

It’s time to do a grocery run again. If you’re thinking about whether to add jerky to your list or not, here’s why you should.

There are plenty of flavors

You won’t have to make do with a single flavor. If you don’t like beef, you can go salmon or turkey jerky. With higher-end versions of jerkies these days, you won’t have a problem finding flavors you love.

They pack a lot of minerals

That’s one of the best reasons to start putting jerkies back on your grocery list. With a turkey jerky, you can get your protein along with a good dose of minerals like zinc, vitamin B12, and iron. Iron is especially important for women. If you’re low on blood, then it may be a good idea to add this to your go-to pile of snacks.

You can mix them with fruits

One effective hack to turn your jerkies into a complete snack is to mix them with berries, nuts or even veggies, Women’s Health Magazine suggests. That way, you get your protein and fiber fix in one. If you don’t have time to prepare breakfast, you can pack along a few nuts, berries and jerky sticks in your bag. That way, you’ll always have something to snack on when you’re stuck in traffic on your way to work.

You’re always on the go

If you have a busy schedule, then you probably have little to no time to prepare meals at home. By putting jerkies back on the menu, you have snacks you can pack along to give you that much-needed protein boost for the day. You won’t have to go to your yoga or CrossFit classes with low energy levels after a long day at work. If you have an active lifestyle and need the energy to burn, start adding jerkies to your shopping list. Shop at Divine Bovine Jerky.

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