What Does White Glove Service Entail?

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Moving

To combat the stereotype of the rough, careless moving guys, many home delivery companies have been expanding their business model to white glove service. What does white glove service mean? Basically, it’s inspired by the butlers of the very wealthy; it means that the people handling your belongings will do so with the utmost care and professionalism. It certainly doesn’t just mean they wear white gloves. From a quality white glove service you can expect:

Respect and Care
When a white glove service shows up to your door in Los Angeles, the first thing they should do is greet you, introduce themselves, and explain the delivery or moving process. They will take extreme care while they are moving heavy objects through your home to make sure that they do not damage anything. At no point will they ever make you feel uncomfortable or rushed, and overall, you should find it a pleasant, friendly experience.

No white glove service would ever simply drop something and go. Instead, they will take their time, and take input from you. They’ll ask you where you want it, and move it several times if it needs to be adjusted, or if you just plain change your mind because it isn’t what you thought it would look like. They will make sure any setup that needs to be done will be taken care of, and any leftover debris will be cleared, leaving your home just as clean as it was before.

Not all possessions require the same handling. For instance, you need special training to know how to properly transport high quality wine, or art pieces. A white glove service will be upfront and honest about their knowledge, and they will tell you if they are trained in transporting such things. Experience matters when the objects in question can be extremely expensive.

After the drop off or pickup, you should expect a call from your white glove service, following up with you to make sure that you are still satisfied with everything, that there were no issues with the delivery, and that they provided you with a high level of care.

When you hire white glove service, you hire the care and expertise that comes from true professionalism and experience. They will bring years of experience to the service, along with a strong focus on providing the best experience possible to you. And, of course, they will also bring white gloves. For more information Visit Art Pack.

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