The Benefits of Interior Plantation Shutters in Bradenton, FL

by | Sep 10, 2016 | Home & Garden

Ever since the times of Ancient Greece, people have loved a particular style of shutters. This kind of shutters is often called plantation-style. They were very popular on the slave plantations of the antebellum South and remain popular throughout the southeastern United States. However, they pre-date the United States by thousands of years. Interior plantation shutters were first used in Ancient Greece. At the time, they were fixed stone or wooden shutters that typically covered open windows. The windows were not glass, so only the shutters kept out the heat and light. They have evolved since then to utilize the best materials and best construction; also, you now can open and close them.

Energy Savings

Interior plantation shutters in Bradenton, FL offer you the opportunity to reduce your cooling costs throughout the summer. Reducing the amount of light coming into your home can reduce the temperature by several degrees. You only have to touch your window on a hot day to know how much heat is leaking into your home. Blocking some of that light can definitely help. Inversely, allowing in the light as the sun goes down can help you on energy costs as well since the less you have your interior lights on, the less you will pay in electricity costs.


Interior plantation shutters reflect an aesthetic that is as old as the founding of democracy. They reflect a timeless look that is understated and elegant. Also, the simple design allows for a wide variety of colors and styles. You can get them in muted colors to reflect your home as well as brighter colors that draw attention to their beauty. A quality supplier will give you more options for finding shutters that fit your needs. The experts at Blinds & Designs have shutters in a wide range of materials, styles, and colors.

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