Posting a Cosmetology School Bond in Arizona: Why, How, and How Much

by | May 2, 2017 | Finance

Thanks to steady, rising demand for a wide variety of non-medical cosmetic services, many people in Arizona today are pursuing careers in the field. The state of Arizona takes cosmetology very seriously, insisting that everyone who hopes to practice anything beyond the absolute basics be appropriately trained and licensed. In doing so, it places a great deal of trust in the many institutions throughout the state that offer this important, popular form of trade-oriented education.

The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology conducts regular inspections of every school certified to operate and provide training, but this is not the only means by which it ensures compliance. The requirement that each such institution post a Cosmetology School Bond in Arizona is another important feature of this system and one which ensures that a concrete incentive to remain in the good graces of the State Board will always be in place.

Before becoming licensed itself, in fact, every cosmetology school in the state must post such a bond. The law currently requires that a surety bond in the amount of $10,000 be posted in the default case, with that entire sum potentially becoming forfeit should serious-enough breaches of the relevant regulations occur. For schools which have run into trouble in the past, the State Board of Cosmetology can also require, by special order, that an even larger bond be posted as a condition of continued operation.

While this might seem like a relatively high hurdle for would-be cosmetology school operators to clear, that turns out not be the case. Companies like Southwest Bond Services regularly help their clients post bonds like these, typically with premiums that many regard as surprisingly affordable. By having insight into the ability and intent of each client to abide by all the relevant regulations, a bond writing specialist like this can make it relatively inexpensive to post a cosmetology school bond in Arizona. Just as a school which ends up forfeiting some or all of its bond can expect to encounter greater difficulties thereafter from the State Board, so will any failure of this sort also tend to drive up the fees required to post another bond thereafter.

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