How Can a Hand Dryer Save Money, and Trees?

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Everyone can talk about global warming, the effects of oil spills on natural resources, the problem of melting caps, decreasing fossil fuels and pollution levels, but how can something as simple as washroom hand dryers help the environment?

Environmentally Friendly

The right dryer shows the companies in a good light because not only they take care of the cleanliness and the hygiene of their customers, they conserve energy and water. Commercial hand dryers are particularly good at this. These products match the traditional look with style and functionality. Installing one gives a business a win-win situation! So how do these environmentally friendly commercial products help the environment?

Saves Power and Water

The shortage of water and power are the most fundamental problems that are hurting us today, and these dryers will save you both. This is especially important for commercial establishments because the frequency of use is much greater than your average household washroom and these products help to maintain better hygiene standards. The data of recent years have shown disturbing trends, as consumption of forest products is increasing more rapidly than planting. How can you do your part? Electric hand dryers are the ideal solution to this problem and avoid the high use of paper towels while avoiding the cleanup they often generate in bathrooms with all the additional cleaning required.

Saves Money and Time

An automatic shut-off function that saves energy and uses low power consumption in general means they perfectly replace paper towels. Just think of the thousands of trees you will save each year by switching to hand dryers and commercial products. Being environmentally friendly also means using existing resources to reduce and reduce waste. A hand dryer is an ideal solution for wasteful paper towels that would not have been eliminated otherwise. This is advantageous from a commercial point of view too, since power costs over a long period of time will be cheaper than the cost of purchasing paper refills.

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