How an SR22 Certification Can Help You Get Back on the Road

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Automotive

Each state requires automobile owners to require a specific amount of insurance for the driver to legally operate a vehicle on the road. When they fail to purchase the minimum amount, it places the owner at risk of losing their driver’s licenses. Especially, if they are involved in an accident and do not have adequate coverage to pay the expenses occurred from the incident. For a driver to regain their ability to drive again, the automobile owner will be required to purchase SR22 insurance in Peoria. SR22 is a certification that the owner has purchased the state required insurance policy to operate an automobile within the state.

Drivers that Require an SR22

  • SR22 insurance in Peoria is often required for drivers that were at-fault during an accident and did not have insurance coverage.
  • Automobile owners that have recently had their licenses revoked or suspended.
  • Any driver that has been caught and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Drivers that in a short amount of time has received multiple traffic violation tickets for disregarding the state’s laws. Traffic offenses such as aggressive driving, running red lights or stop signs, speeding, or improperly passing another driver on the road.

Prove Your Financially Responsible by Consulting an Agent Today

It can be challenging to find affordable insurance for an individual that has been deemed a high-risk driver. Accurate Auto Insurance specializes in assisting high-risk drivers to obtain the insurance coverage they require without the high-cost. They work with each client to find the state minimum insurance at a reasonable price to keep them financially responsible when operating a vehicle. Whether you have been caught driving under the influence or involved in an accident without insurance, they can assist you in getting behind the wheel again.

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