Benefits of Vibration Analysis in San Antonio

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Business and industrial concerns that make use of heavy equipment should consider a predictive maintenance approach. At the early stage, the issues that result in equipment damage or failure usually go unnoticed but, if detected early enough, they can easily be repaired. The use of a predictive maintenance approach helps firms to detect these minor issues before they develop into serious problems and cause equipment downtime.

Understanding Vibration Analysis

An essential aspect of predictive maintenance involves the use of vibration analysis. Vibration analysis is the process of detecting anomalies in machinery and heavy equipment by use of special equipment. It monitors changes to the amplitude, intensity, frequency, etc. of the vibration signature of each of the machinery’s components, and any deviation from the normal readings indicate a fault.

Benefits of Vibration Analysis

The technicians interpret the readings on the vibration analysis equipment to determine the main cause of the anomaly, after which they undertake repairs. The following are some of the benefits of vibration analysis in San Antonio.

Reduced Equipment Cost

If minor issues are not detected on time, they will develop into serious problems that will cause the equipment to malfunction and breakdown. Industrial concerns will need to hire the services of expert technicians to repair the equipment. In most cases, some of the internal components are severely damaged, and most technicians will recommend the purchase and installation of a replacement. The purchase of a replacement can be quite costly and can be avoided using vibration analysis to detect faults before they become serious.

Reduces Loss of Productive Time

The use of vibration analysis to detect minor faults before they become serious results in the reduction of lost productive time. Firms that do not take a predictive maintenance approach will have to deal with frequent equipment breakdown and malfunction. This leads to the loss of revenue for the industrial concern, delay in completing clients’ orders, loss of customers, etc. To prevent this, business and industrial concerns should engage the services of expert technicians who specialize in vibration analysis.

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