Are You Looking for Wall Signs in Washington, DC?

by | May 4, 2017 | Business

Signage is a vital part of operations of any size. It is especially vital in buildings where clear signage is legally required to meet occupational health and safety laws. Apart from this, clear and high quality wall signage is important for clients, customers, and employees. Not only does it guide visitors and staff around the organization, but it is also a clear indicator of status within an organization.

Meeting Legal Requirements

There is little point in your business investing in wall signs in Washington, DC that are of substandard quality. The ideal sign will be readable from a distance, made of high quality materials, and durable and long-lasting.

Consider the situation of even a medium-sized office block where multiple employees are operating and where there are multiple teams. In order to meet federal occupational health and safety requirements, it is important that wall signs are placed so that the following standards are met:

  • Restroom areas are clearly marked, including men’s, women’s, and any unisex facilities
  • Managerial offices are marked so that staff are aware of the layout of their workplace
  • All exits and fire escapes are clearly marked so that they are readable at a distance and can be seen during an emergency
  • Emergency stations are marked so that they can be recognized during an emergency situation

High-quality Signage for Your Workplace

It is important for any business to use wall signs that are manufactured to high-quality standards. Long-standing business such as Award Crafters Inc. are highly experienced when it comes to making signage for a wide variety of clients, including government organizations, local businesses, and corporate clients. Companies like this understand the need to produce signage that will be durable and clearly readable, and will meet any state or federal government requirements.

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