A Quick Guide to Park Models in Naples FL

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Mobile Home

Even though a park model is classified as a recreational vehicle, it is far from an RV. While recreational vehicles are made to be towed many places, a park model is on wheels only to transport it from the place it was made to the place it will remain. Park models offer a very nice alternative to expensive vacation homes, but it might not be for everyone. Here is a quick guide to Park Models in Naples FL.

Park models are often confused with large recreational vehicles like a fifth wheel but are more permanent than a fifth wheel. Park models are manufactured on wheels at one site and then transported to a dealer that sells them. Another big difference between a recreational vehicle and a park model is that the park model is typically furnished with full sized appliances, a traditional toilet and has other finishing details like trim and crown molding. Certain park models also have two or three bedroom options and even laundry options, all inside no more than 400 square feet. Once transported to their final destination, owners often increase their living space by adding covered porches and elaborate outdoor living spaces.

Traditionally, park models are sold as economical vacation homes or cabins as they are not nearly as expensive as a traditional vacation property. Once purchased, the park models sit on rented or owned lots in a community. These communities are specifically designed for the placement of many park models and often have other amenities such as a community golf course, pool area, tennis courts and sometimes a clubhouse.

In the past few years, Park Models in Naples FL have had a spike in sales as a primary residence instead of just as a vacation or temporary home. Because the cost of building and purchasing a park model is far less than building a brick and mortar home, people are seeing the value of living in much smaller spaces to free up their monthly cash flow. Instead of spending a large chunk of their budget on a mortgage, they would rather pay cash for the park model and use their disposable income on experiences such as traveling or for their hobbies.

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